Destined 2 Win,LLC 

Ashley Grove

 From the beginning, Ashley was always the horse crazy child. At the age of twelve she joined an equestrian drill team and thus began her education in equine science and stable management.  Ashley is passionate about helping people discover who they were created to be. She is certified in Personality Assessment and  Equine Partnered Learning and has had multiple opportunities to serve as a mentor. Ashley also works as the Founder and Drill Team Director of Hearts and Horses. Her love for people and horses naturally combines the two successfully.

 Ashley works with Nanette to facilitate our one of a kind Equine Partnered Learning Program. Equine Partnered Learning (EPL) is learner-centered experiential education process with horses “teaching” us about ourselves. Fortunately, these teachers happily work for hay, an occasional apple or carrot, and they do not take summers off!  As our facilitation partners, horses can't over think a person’s motives or manipulate their interpretations of your behavior. Their sensitivity to nonverbal stimulus helps them read people, reflecting group and individual emotions through observable and physical feedback, such as pinned ears or swishing tails. The emotional “mirroring,” the innate social structure of the herd, and the fact that horses are prey animals are all part of the equine classroom.  Our facilitation processing reflects insight in human, horse, and organizational behavior, group dynamics. The EPL programs offered through D2W are not therapy, though the core values are similar to those found in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) programs.  The EPL model helps individuals better understand themselves and others through participating in activities with the horses and then discussing feelings, behaviors, and patterns. The debriefing process seeks to bridge the horse activities from the arena back to “real life,” inviting people to reflect, generalize, and apply new insights. EPL can help you become a better team player, develop problem solving skills, improve your leadership abilities, communicate more effectively, build healthier relationships, and enhance self-authenticity.  

EPL will not be done during the months of DEC-FEB at this time.