Destined 2 Win,LLC 


Mission Statement

Destined 2 Win works to give people an accurate assessment of where they are and the tools and blue print to take them where they want to go by teaching them to THINK for a CHANGE.

What We Do

Coaching is not targeted at psychological illness and coaches are not therapists. Coaching is about assisting a client or team in closing the gap between where they are and where they want to be. ​​ A Coach helps the client(s) determine what is important to them and what is missing in their life or business. Coaching helps the client determine what outcome they are REALLY looking for. The coach asks questions, listens, and reflects on what they hear and then challenges the client’s thinking in a way to create the transformation that they want to achieve. Clients report greater levels of confidence, self-esteem, productivity, passion, enhanced relationships and a far more focused approach to  life and business. 

Just like a personal trainer motivates and walks you through the exercises you need to become more physically fit, a  coach brings the gift of new focus to your business or life so you can become stronger, more focused and moving in the direction you want.

Start your journey to "Learn to THINK for a CHANGE!", today!

Who We Work With

  • Businesses

  • Individuals

  • Couples

  • Teams

  • Groups

Session Price - $50 per 1.5-2 hour


Session Card - 4 for $175

We take Cash, Check , Visa or MC